So many barefoot shoe options – yippeeeeee!!  But where to start?

A great place to begin is with the wealth of knowledge about barefoot footwear that exists amongst my fellow alignment enthusiasts, but it’s buried in countless discussions on Facebook and elsewhere. Could I ever find those ideas and recommendations when I needed them?  That would be a no.  So I started this blog so as to have a place to put all that valuable information where anyone interested in liberating their feet from their old stiff, constricting shoes can find it, read it and add to it.

There’s no affiliate links or other selling here – not even any ads.  It’s just a place to collect and share information with others who are looking for the perfect pair (or pairs!) of barefoot shoes.

It is – and I expect always will be – a work in progress.  So if you have some barefoot intelligence to share, please chime in.  Together, I hope we can make a resource that helps everyone meet their sole-mate! (Sorry – couldn’t resist.)

Some practical things…  If you’re new to barefoot shoes, I’d recommend looking through the links on the resources page to get some background information and advice on transitioning safely to minimal footwear.  (And if you’re not new at this but know of some good information that would help a newbie then it would be great if you would add your suggestions in the comments section.)

Once you know what you’re looking for, pick a topic or a keyword from the menu, or search for a particular brand or style (or multiple tags), to see what I’ve found out so far on that subject.

Happy shoe hunting!

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi Chris, I tried to find an E-Mail-Adress or contact form on your blog but I wasn’t successful. So when you are on a quest to find the best barefoot shes as you say, I wonder if you know our brand HiGH FEELS. We make beautiful barefoot shoes who don’t spoil the outfit, and we make them fairtrade and vegan too. Maybe you like our sandals? We’re pretty new on the market and had a Kickstarter campaign last year http://kck.st/29RSoZg Our website is still in German (English version coming soon): http://highfeels.com

    I’m looking forward to get in touch!
    CU, Daniel


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